Problem adding email attachment

I am unable to send an email with an attachment using SendGrid.

CASE 1 - When I use the “Bubble feature” entitled “Send email”, I have no problem to add an attachment.

CASE 2 - When I use the “Canvas feature” entitled “Send basic email”, I am unable to add the attachment.

I would like to point out that in both cases, I am using the same dynamic data which is “Result of step 1 (…)’s resume”. I do not understand why it is working in CASE 1 but not in CASE 2

Please help :pray:

See the picture for a better understanding.

Hello @user7 welcome to the forum!

That field holds a list of attachments instead of only one attachment.

So, please choose 'url and thereafter use :converted to list

Hello @cmarchan. Thank you for your prompt answer.
Unfortunately, I am still unable to find the solution.
Please see the picture enclosed.

I can add 's URL but then I can not add : converted to list

Hello @user7 !

My bad, as I should have rather suggested that the answer lies in first converting the object to a list of one.

Below, an example where I added a field called “file” of type “file” to the user (the endpoint parameter called “user” of type “user”) in this workflow:


Hope this helps :smiley:


Thanks for your clarification @cmarchan
I confirm it helps.
Problem solved. :slightly_smiling_face:

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hey @cmarchan
I am having the same problem as @user7, but I do not seem to understand how to solve it.

Basically, I have a “file uploader” element, I want to send the uploaded file as an attachment. However, as you can see (and have see in the example of user7) there is no converted to list option.

Where should I convert the file to a list?

Hi @user28 !

I suggest a “hack for this”.

  • set a repeating group of type file in a hidden popup that you never open (Canvas usually has it every component and it is called “popup hidden variables”) and name it as you please (example “repeating group file”)
  • set your file uploader to display list its value onto the repeating group
  • set the repeating group to feed the attachment(s) field in the send email action

Hope this helps! :smiley: