Problem with Collapsing Margins


While building with Canvas, I’ve experienced problems with collapsing large margins - is this a known issue or is it just me?

E.g. I am having a 30’000 px site (massive one-pager) and while everything works fine with groups on it (approx 20’000 and they collapse their margins as they should), the last 10’000 are not collapsable (with groups etc.) . Any ideas?

Adding to this - testing further around and while setting on Blocks container 860 on 30791px and groups inner tabs content on 30793px, these 2px are not 2px on load.

Looking forward to your reply, as this is causing major issues and the user experience with scrolling approx 10’000 is massively disturbing…

Thanks in advance!

All the best,

Hi Daniel,

Here is forum post that is related to collapsible groups. The first thing i’d check here is whether or not you have any groups or elements overlapping, as this tends to affect responsiveness in Bubble.

Dear Stephanie,

thanks for your answer. Thanks a lot for answering and please apologize my late response. Even though this did not help, I managed to fix it. It happened that all groups were mixed up. I was able to rebuild it with a new canvas version and to compare my group structure with referencing to a new page.

All the best

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