Problem with Login in my app

Hello guys,

I have a problem with my app since Yesterday, when i try to run as an user or run as admin, the app redirect me on the page but instantly redirect me to the login page and when i tried to connect through this login page the same thing happen.

What’s more i can’t preview the app disconnected because the app redirect me instantly on the login page. I have no solution.

I do not understand what happen because it was working before yesterday, i tried to backup to last version but nothing worked.

Thanks for your help.

Hello @companievy welcome to the forum

Check out this post it may help: :smiley:

Also, please note that page redirection logic works via a combination of the following aspects:

  • user role
  • bubble pages options set
  • workflow events that run on page load in the index page and in the header reusable

It is rather intricate to explain how it all works. However, one way to troubleshoot a page redirection problem is to disable the workflows on the index page and header. Then turn them on and off until you pinpoint where the problem is. Also, check the Canvas versions release page and study the default page-redirection logic in the corresponding version of your template.

Below, an example of how to disable a workflow temporarily until you pinpoint where the problem in the overall redirection logic of your app is: