Problem with mobile repeating group

Here’s the problem i’m having:

  1. Add the mobiile repeating group and followed instructiions to “change the data type in ‘RepeatingGroup Dummy’”.
  2. After doing so I can’t seem to add the correct data into my repeating group it is coming up with ‘Parents Group Dummy’ is the first option - not ‘Grant Cell’ which I would expect.

Hi Dave,

It seems there might be more than one rg there. Also, Canvas components have numerous elements. When data types are changed you must make sure to follow the parent-child hierarchy up and down … and across groups sometimes. What I mean is that you have to change the type and source of all elements involved in passing data from “dummy” to the new data type. In this case “grants”.


Thanks Carlos. Do you just use the Elements tree on the left hand side to go up and down?

Am I just changing the Type of Content = Grants? And Data Source = Search for Grants