Purchased Rental Marketplace App Question

Hi All,

I am new to bubble and canvas so please bear with me here. I purchased the Rental Marketplace app via bubble templates and was unable to sign into canvas until I created another app using Canvas’s free template.

I am still unable to access the Launch Checklist page for the Rental Marketplace Template app I have purchased through bubble. Can someone help me figure this out please? I also recently purchased $149 option through Canvas, which I am confused as to whether I needed to purchase the template through bubble or just the $149 option through Canvas. Thanks for your assistance!


Hi @drose22004! :slight_smile: Thank you for your message!

The Rental Marketplace Template is currently an older version of Canvas, and it doesn’t contain the new quickstart guide included in the latest version of the Canvas Base Template. However, it is possible to use the Canvas chrome extension with the Rental Marketplace Template, but we would need to register the app manually.

To do this, could you please send an email to support@airdev.co and provide us with your email and bubble app id of the app you created with the Marketplace template? We can then manually register the app to use the Canvas chrome extension to add page templates and blocks from the library.

The $149 license is separate from the template and provides access to all of the premium Canvas assets in the library, which can then be added to your app using the Chrome extension. You can use the premium assets combined with the Canvas Base Template (free) or any of the older Canvas standalone templates. (Note: the older Canvas standalone templates have different styles by default, so they look slightly different from the styles of the new assets added from the Chrome extension, but everything will import successfully).

Thank you so much again, David! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Hi @faye thank you for the thoughtful response. I would really prefer to stick with canvas for our bubble needs but I really need a “ready to run” modern version of the rental marketplace template. From what I can see Canvas has the most user friendly and modern library of assets; it would be great if someone from your team or the community would create an updated rental template. I would be the first to purchase.


Hi @drose22004, Got it! Thank you so much for your feedback; that is very helpful! We don’t currently have an estimated date for when an updated standalone, marketplace template will be available (only because of current updates to the Base Template), but when this changes I can absolutely let you know. Thank you so much again!