Read all posted topic and still got stuck in sendgrid / postmark to make it work. Need help

I have read all the existing forum regarding sendgrid and postmark configuration. Tried all sort of combination even with domain authentication/single user verification etc. None of helped me to make the email work in canvas. My email does not come through during sign up verification.

The email works when i test inside sendgrid using a template testing. So for sure the problem is on canvas side.

Can someone take a look at my configuration and tell me what am i doing wrong.

Hello welcome to the forum!

Please make sure that your application runs on a paid Bubble account. The API functions do not work otherwise.

The most probable fix is to verify the sender email on your Sendgrid dashboard.

Also, make sure that you have the latest upgrade of the email for Canvas plugin:

If you continue to experience the problem please contact

hi @cmarchan, thanks for the reply.
I have paid bubble account and i am using the premium canvas template.
I have verified sender email in sendgrid as well and
I am using the latest fix in the “email for canvas” plugin.

Still the verification email does not work.

I will also contact


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