Regarding Search Module Issue Found On Mobile Devices

Hey Canvas Team! Amazing continued development on the template much :cupid: but the issue found on this atm is when a user is on mobile and tries to use the header bubble action widget_search when a end user is to click the search icon or what ever icon /button / text is set for that action it will end up closing the search action bar when the user clicks the search bar … it works from pc mobile testing but on a actual mobile device a user can not make use of the search widget feature , so in regards to this im hoping you can fix this issue!

Hello @DisList.Me welcome to the forum!

Thanks for sharing this find. Would you mind sharing a link to your application so that we can attempt to reproduce the bug?

Or … if your prefer please send all details (screencast of the issue and a link to your editor would be great) to so that we can help.

it was performed on a samsung galexy TAB a 10" tablet worked fine on my samsung galaxy a10 cellphone tho