Remove hamburger menu icons


How may the icons on the hamburger menu be removed?


Hello @ibuomi.abibo

Could you share a screenshot?

Sure. See attached.

Ibuomi Abibo
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Hi @ibuomi.abibo thank you!

Not sure where these are located though … :pensive:

Thanks Carlos. These are based on the air canvas template as the hamburger menu when in mobile/responsive view.

Ibuomi Abibo

Hello @ibuomi.abibo

Hope this helps! (remember to do this on both test and live databases):

Thanks for the tip Carlos. Another question: Is there another way to add a custom hamburger menu or a template by aired?


Ibuomi Abibo

Hello @ibuomi.abibo

Hope this helps :smiley:


The recommendation above did not remove the icon and its style entirely (just the icon). My intent is to adjust this menu to one without icons, just text or create a menu or obtain a custom menu template. Any advise is appreciated.


This is an html component if I am not mistaken.

You could explore replacing the html header entirely and build a new with only Bubble elements. You would have to know much about Bubble and Canvas in order to replicate functionality. But it it is a way …

You could also replace the html header with the prior non-html header which is located here:

Ok. Good info. Thanks!

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