Rename the Index Marketing Page

I was building my Marketing page and noticed that I can’t add a Bubble search on it other than a link in the header.

My use case is that I have a front end where consumers will search listings on the home page. I need the marketing pages for service providers to look at the platform, buy subscriptions, etc. but I really need my Marketing pages to NOT be the index.html page. That doesn’t seem to be an option.

What I’d like to do is either delete the index page altogether and basically build it from scratch in Canvas/Bubble or rename it to be the service provider index page that you’d get when they log in.

An alternative is to allow me to have the search directly on the index Marketing page.

Any guidance would be helpful. Detail would be good because I’m only asking this as other “answers” have basically assumed a lot of experience with Canvas.


Hello @mike2 welcome to the forum!

One way would be to use the free (or premium under a paid Canvas plan) Bubble Marketing Page using the Chrome extension:

You could also use the html marketing pages by sending search url parameters from them over to a Bubble results page.

But … it seems that you are leaning towards having more control over a Bubble home page in your application.

These resources may help:

That actually makes a lot of sense. I have the premium license because I want all of the templates. Changing the HTML page to OldIndex won’t break Canvas?

As you progress with your application it is inevitable that you will run into changing default Canvas.

Canvas is for the most part a set of Bubble-programming that helps you going. This programming can be changed of course.

The default index page handles some user-redirection traffic. If you choose to use a new index page … be prepared to deal with how user-redirection may be affected throughout the app.

Namely … you would have to change all of the “go to page” actions throughout the app that directed users to the original index page … now over to the “new” “old index page”.

Hope the above makes some sense. :smiley:

I took a little look under the hood. I’d have to change too many things so I decided more on a creative solution. I think what I may do is one of two things:

  1. Create a splash page as a Marketing Page that runs Javascript (I saw this was one of the actions) that automatically redirects you to the Bubble Index page where the App starts. I think that is a pretty easy thing to do.

  2. Create a splash page where the user clicks on a search button that takes them to a Bubble Index page that displays the results of the search near them and then they can change the search for a different search if they so desire.

Both sort of hide the Marketing Index page. Then if the user wants to go to the Marketing site, they can do so through the header links.

Thank you for your feedback!

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Actually I did have a solution that worked well. I went into the workflows and found where it redirects to the index page and I just redirected it to the home page (my new index page) I went into the admin portal and hid the marketing pages element so my client won’t try to add pages on their own.

The only holdout problem is changing the Logo Link to the home page rather than the index page. I just have not tracked down where that can be changed. You can point it to an external URL, which is fine since I can just place a fully resolved URL into that space for my home page. But it opens it in a new tab, which isn’t good.

So I need to resolve that item.


Perhaps this could help: