Repeating group doesn't show in the dropdown in the display list workflow


I use the Canvas template for my bubble app and some of the elements are responsive. To be so, the take app settings as their data source.

This repeating group has another repeating group inside it. That’s the one that is responsible for repeating items. The outer one is there just to apply the settings from what I understood. Now, I need this inner list to be updated when an item is added to an external API.

I need to do it from a workflow so I can re-trigger the call after adding an element. But my workflow for repeating groups only detects the one I’m not suppose to change the data source of!

How can I get around this? Why only one (the outer) repeating group is detected by bubble? Thank you!

Hello @marcin.widz welcome to the forum!

Please note that the pictures that you are referring to in your comments are missing.

Oh my god I’m sorry, I’m fixing it rn!

New users can’t embed multiple images so I left only the final one. Shame as it would help everybody understand better.

Hello @marcin.widz

If you add them one by one you should be able to add multiple images to your post.

Alternatively, you could consider recording a quick screencast using Loom or Vidyard’s free Chrome extension and posting the link