Repeating group exceeding page size

Greetings Airdev,

I am applying a repeating group to the Toggle Tabs Group and have set each of its nested groups to fit content to height, however when a tab (at times having multiple rows) is visible, it exceeds the page height. Why doesn’t the page resize to fit content even though min height is set and is exceeded? Also where am I off in the responsive settings to height?

Is this issue common to Toggle Tabs: See:

also editor:

Here the page is scrolled to the bottom but not all content in the Reviews tab is visible due to exceeding the page height.

PS: These are using the new responsive engine.



If I understand correctly the reviews are beyond two entries and the problem is that anything beyond three is not showing. Correct?

… fyi the link to the editor is not working.

Actually, the page should fit content to height, that is when the reviews are one, the page contains all including that one review and if more than one, the page adjusts responsively to fit the rest of the reviews by adding more height. This is because the repeating groups are placed within the Toggle Tabs Group and adjust height to fit to content.

I have now set the access permissions to allow viewing. Thanks.

The same happens on this page User Profile

The idea is when the toggle tab is clicked and the page height resizes to accommodate the volume of content rather than creating more than needed page height.