Request of a chat widget popup for bottom right or left of site

Request of a chat widget popup for bottom right or left of site offering a collapsible chat with minimize close expand and few other options - being a premium plugin

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Thank you so much for this suggestion, @DisList.Me! :slight_smile: I have made a note of it! Would using a chat widget like Drift or Intercom work for your use case, or are you looking for a chat solution that is built with Bubble elements only? Just in case it’s useful, Drift’s chat widget can be installed by adding an HTML snippet to the page, and Drift’s website allows you to customize the look and messaging of the widget. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

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Honestly looking towards discord based to be honest as the api is there and it is a huge member base (potential new cliental as well) - and but im really wondering as ive been attempting to do it myself its a pain but is being done but a ticket page with modules in it + a way like has it for their widget where us canvas users can take something we made and export it to be used later instead of always needing to rely on reusable elements allowing us end users to be able to paste our already made for say (ticket system) into a new app!!

Got it! Thank you, @DisList.Me! Will definitely share this feedback with the team!