Responsive Engine x Canvas

Hey AirDev and Canvas-Team,

I’ve seen some questions asking to upgrade/ migrate Canvas to the (not so new anymore) responsive engine of Bubble. Statements in November referred to be waiting for more stability and security of the new engine. Now, more than 3 months later, the question: Is there an ETA for an updated Canvas?
I think we have reached a stable status quo, even though Bubble is still calling it “Beta”.

Thanks in advance and best! Happy Bubbling :smile:

Hello @datproto,

Last week Bubble introduced a new functionality which includes the ability to specify padding on groups and gaps/gutters between elements, two features we were waiting on.

We cannot commit to a timeline for the release of the Canvas template and tools with the new engine. I expect it to take a minimum of 3 months, but that’s a really rough estimate.

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Hey Chris,
thanks for getting back to me. Was waiting for those as well, great add-ons.