Reusable elements standard of work

Do I need to create a new version of a reusable element (e.g. menufocus_template) each time the properties of this element change (e.g. when I want to edit/delete a course or lesson? So, should I:

  1. create a new reusable element for each use case
  2. keep one reusable element but work with conditionals to adapt to different use cases

P.S: I think this was mentioned in the bootcamp but I cannot find it anymore.

Hello @user28

It is good practice to leave a template that you can use to clone and then adapt to needs. With the menufocus_template reusable, one can enhance it to be even more “clonable” by conditioning/referring everything to it’s object instead of displaying it through popups.

I have created apps where I wanted to minimize reusables. But … as those apps grow … so does the conditionality for the reusables. It becomes more intricate. This makes any follow-on change to be more meticulous than anticipated.

Short answer: I would clone reusables and adapt per object and even per page. It is easier to maintain and grow :smiley:

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thanks for the answer @cmarchan

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