Reusable header disappears on mobile/smaller screens


I upgraded the reusable element header in my app to the responsive engine. Unfortunately, the header disappears whenever the screen size is smaller/mobile. Any help would be appreciated.


Hello @john.akinyemi welcome to the community!

That is the intended behavior. Press on the hamburger menu icon to the left and you will see you header menu options.

Thank you for your response @cmarchan!

The issue is that the hamburger menu is not showing. It shows the first screenshot below on a wider screen, but shows the second screenshot on a smaller screen.


So far, I reverted back to the previous header that did not use Bubble’s new responsive engine. Though not ideal, but it is a temporary solution. The third screenshot below shows the hamburger on the header on a smaller screen.



Hello @john.akinyemi

The header is an intricate component in Canvas. If you are using an old responsive header under the new-responsive engine things may not work well. This seems to be this case.