Rookie's QQ about dynamic content drafting

OK, so I have a list that looks like this

nr:     title:
1       first_title
2       second_title
3       third_title

and I want to throw out a dynamic text that looks like this:

1 (first_title)
2 (second_title)
3 (third_title)

I tried to fumble around with the dynamic data, but only get sth like

1,2,3 (first_title, second_title, third_title)

Who can enlighten me, how I could get the desired format in my output?


Hello @jyn

When you call a list this:


It does not look like a list. It looks like one data type with three text fields. Is this right?

And when you want a text like this:
It does not look like a text. Is it a paragraph?

Could you perhaps show information about how you have the dB structured and the expressions that you are using? This may help understand where you are coming from.

And … please be a little more clear about what you are aiming to get :sweat_smile:

Hi, you’re right, it doesn’t look like a list, I tried to make it easier to understand and apparently did no quite reach that goal… So here I go again:

  1. I formed a list in form of a custom state of an element Group (called ListOfRequirements) by searching my database Requirements that has the above data fields: Nr and Title. So the custom state is in fact a list of “Requirements” and consists let’s say of the above-mentioned three sets of Requirements: “1,first_title”, “2,second_title” and “3,third_title”.

  2. Now, I want to show this ListOfRequirements in a text field as a dynamic data insertion, so that in the end the output looks like the paragraph I described. But when I tried sth like Group’s ListOfReQuirements':each item's Nr (Group's ListOfRequirement's: each item's Title
    it of course gives me the undesired output I described: 1,2,3 (first_title, second_title, third_title), because it first lists all the elements’ "Nr"s, and then adds (in the brackets) all the elements “Titles”.

  3. I guess what I want to achieve is a dynamic insertion that basically goes like “Group the List’s elements in the form of "Nr (Title)” and then “Deliver each element from the list in this form”… In Perl, I would start with bashing around some mighty, cryptic espressions, but I fall short of getting the same in Bubble within the structures of a dynamic insertion of a text element.

I hope, this helps to explain my pain? :wink:

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Hello @jyn

Explore the operator “format as text”. Use enter as the delimiter. This way you will get each item displayed on its own line. :smiley:

Please find an example below and a link to the Bubble documentation about this operator.


That did the trick!! Million thanks @cmarchan !!

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