Search filters block responsive issues

I’m having issues with the responsive behavior on the search filters block, where the “Filter” text forces the search box to be larger than it should be, but the filter icon is also smaller than it should be when I change the style state.

I’m using Chrome Version 99.0.4844.51

Also, I found it very difficult to find the correct documentation on the “filters_template” reusable. For whatever reason, the Canvas documentation links all take me to the Canvas Manual (at, which is helpful, but what I really needed was found on the Docs website (at I wouldn’t even know how to get back there as I stumbled on that link by accident. Is there a reason it’s not more visible? I really had to dig to find what I needed.

Hello @moralesmaliik welcome to the forum!

Thanks for sharing your experience. We all have to go through pains when building but it sounds like in your case things would be easier if guidance is found in an easier way.

Did you solve your issue?


No it looks like the dropdown text is still not displaying correctly. Ill try submitting a but report