Send Grid Connecting Domain

HI i’m having issues connecting my domain to my Sendgrid account. Can anyone help? I"m using Google Domains and the Canvas template. See my setup screens below.



Hi @jmalmeida I added these changes in. Google Domains doesn’t let me put in twice. So couldn’t add the one at the end unfortunately.

And Google Domains auto puts a final dot. So I can’t avoid that.

How long do I wait until refreshing and checking that it works correctly?


Hi @dave :slight_smile: In SendGrid, did you select “Google Cloud” as the DNS host? If so, I think that there may be a difference between the way SendGrid displays records for Google Cloud compared to Google Domains (If you didn’t select Google Cloud, feel free to ignore that part!)

Aside from this, here are the steps to set up SendGrid with Google Domains:

In the Sender Authentication Tab, select “Other” from the list of DNS Hosts dropdown, and then manually enter “Google Domains” in the input that become visible:

After that screen, it should display a list of 3 or 5 CNAME records (depending on whether you selected to re-brand the links in the first screen).

The strings listed in the “Host” column are equal to the “Name” column, and values in the “Value” column are equal to the “Data” column.

For the “Host” column, remove the “” from all of the “Host” values, so that those values are just the first part of the string (e.g., "emXXXXX, s1._domainkey, s2._domainkey). The “Value” columns can be entered exactly as they appear in SendGrid. It will look similar to this:

When I tested this, it seemed to validate the records within a minute or two after saving them in Google Domains, but feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

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