Sendgrid email not working

I have the api setup in bubble and canvas. It works for bubble, not for canvas. Any ideas?

I can’t get it to send the email verification, nor will it allow me to move past the beginning part of canvas tutorial where youre supposed to setup email.

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Thank you. We’re currently reviewing your bug report and we’ll respond to you there.

Well as of right now, it keeps redirecting me to email sent waiting for verification page. Basically, your app is holding mine hostage…

Just signed up to the pro package and I too am seeing this issue. Test verification comes through via sendgrid using bubble but no emails when trying to sign up a user using the theme sign up pages. Blocked at verifying email for user. Any update on this?

Hello Nigel,

Could you check in your SendGrid single senders dashboard and confirm that your email is approved as a single sender?

I’ve seen that when I try to verify an email with SendGrid and my browser isn’t already logged into the SendGrid account that I want to use, I have to press the button on SendGrid’s email twice (once when I am logged out of SendGrid, and then I go back and click the button again after logging in).


Just now I checked and it looks like your email address on the bug report bounced when we sent a message last week. Could you please send more context about the bug that you’re experiencing?


Hey Chris - looks like this thread went quiet, but I’m having the same issue. I have one single sender in sendgrid, and I’ve followed the instructions to set up the sendgrid API. see screenshots below.

any ideas?

@chris @stephanie Following up here as I’m still having this issue…

Please see a video demonstrating the issue here: CleanShot 2021-09-28 at 17.20.51 · CleanShot Cloud

Hello @toby,

Have you checked the plugin to make sure that your SendGrid or Postmark token is set up properly? The error message in the screenshot from last week would indicate that it is not set up.

(Bubble editor > Plugins tab - tokens’ text redacted in the below image)



I could’ve sworn I has added the API token there before. anyway, I just did that and it’s still giving the error. See screenshots:

Hey @toby could you share the app with (agency account) and DM me a link to the app’s editor? I can take a look at it

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