SendGrid Mail Not Working

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Bootcamp 101 module 3/4
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Hi, I am unable to receive an authentication mail (Mails) despite all the necessary SendGrid API integration. the mail wouldn’t send out and there was no error message displayed.

Hello @EyitopeDaniel welcome to the forum!

Usually, the most common problem when having problems with Sendgrid is the need to verify the sender email with them. This is done in the Sendgrid dashboard using a valid and working email address.

For further details on how to set up Sendgrid in Canvas please review the following information:

I have gotten my mail verified on Sendgrid. And I have also followed the due process according to the email and alert guide. The only section I couldn’t wrap my head around was the screenshot from the guide provided below. I am not so sure if it is necessary

Hello @EyitopeDaniel

That search expression seems to work with the admin portal and the email plugin.

I still haven’t gotten a hang of it. The canvas authorization mail wouldn’t deliver still. And send grid mail seems to be working just fine. Please help

I have gone to the extent of checking out an API in postman so I can rest assured it works perfectly well. And I have tested the API on the bubble itself and it seems to work well. So I think the problem is the canvas itself

And is this error icon that tends to display in behind the current cell text block in the repeater at the canvas Email settings. Maybe that is the problem.

Hello @EyitopeDaniel

Another idea would be to check that the email plugin is updated to the latest version.

This is a nice suggestion. I will check it and get back to you. Thanks for your time