SendGrid not working

Hi there,

I installed Canvas Premium a couple days ago, subscribed to SendGrid and get my email verified in the Single Sender Verification but I’m still stuck with on confirmation email page and the confirmation email isn’t being sent when I’m testing the registration.

It seems to be a recurrent issue here, I have the 5.1.10 version of the Email for Canvas plugin installed, but still can’t figure out what’s happening.

Any help would be appreciated.



Hello @antoine.sepulchre welcome to the forum!

Yes indeed. Implementing Sendgrid requires various steps and different folks have experienced different challenges.

Please find below some key checks to ensure that the key aspects of the integration work:

  • Sendgrid verification requires a verified sender email address. This is done on the Sendgrid dashboard.

  • Make sure that the plugin (email for Canvas) is on its most recent version

  • Also, make sure that your application is on a paid Bubble plan. Bubble only allows API calls to work under paid plans.

Here a link to our most recent documentation:

And a link to a forum thread where different aspects of this topic are discussed