Set marketing page as homepage

I have a Bubble page set as the index. Can I change that to nominate a Canvas Marketing page as the index / homepage?

Hello @graeme

Canvas version 3.0 and above have html marketing pages functionality by default. There are subtleties on how this works on the most recent versions.

Please check what your Canvas template version is (usually found on the bottom most part of the left navigation bar on the admin portal of the app) first and I can provide more accurate suggestions.

Thanks Carlos - I’m on v3.6.2 - any help much appreciated.

@cmarchan - apologies - meant to tag you in my reply.

Hi @graeme !

You are running the latest version :+1:t2:

I think this thread may contain the information that your are looking for:

Additionally, this is general information on marketing pages in the Canvas manual:

Thanks @cmarchan - I’ll have a go at rebuilding the Marketing page using a Canvas Bubble page instead.

Ideally though I’d just be setting up the below page as the new /index - is this possible?

Any follow up here re the Marketing page @cmarchan ? Appreciate it.

Hello @graeme !