Setting data types dynamically from another page

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I was hoping someone could either validate my thinking or point me to a tutorial on a different approach.
Here goes:

I have basically three user groups and I am using the simple dashboard. The display information is within groups within the target area to be displayed and based on a selection in the menu will be visible or hidden. What I was thinking I would do is in my hidden variables send the current user’s role data ( they are not the same for each role and stored in different data types) and set that dynamically when the user clicks on the dashboard to display the different modules based on the type of user. I think this will work, but before I head down that path I wanted to make sure this could be done…

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I think I have it figured out. Sorry for the silly questions lol

So what I am doing is send the data type to a hidden variables and then setting various fields and settings on load calling custom workflows…


Hi @raynellbell
I’m having the same trouble. I can’t figure out how to display data in the inner tab group of the dashboard page based on the navigation item clicked by the user.

My understanding is that you first added blocks to the page to display data for all navigation items, but then you followed similar instructions to documentation for the toggle tabs page/group to set conditional statements on the blocks so that they show/hide depending on which navigation item is clicked? Separately, my understanding is that you are showing/hiding navigation items depending on user roles. Please correct me if I am wrong in my assumptions.

If my above interpretation is correct, can you please show/explain more detail about how you setup the groups/workflows/data types to display data within the blocks created?

Thanks so much for your help!

Hello @ejspina ! Welcome to the forum!

I believe most of what is needed to address your inquiry is covered in the instruction video below:

Hopefully it helps to shed some light :grinning: