Setting Multi select pill tab popup in the database

Hello the commu,

I need some help to get throw my settings please.

I am using the Multi select pill tab popup.
I’ve read the documentation and i am in the step “Add a workflow to the Confirm Button to save the user’s selections.”.

I set the data in the popup to be option set, for instance, list of activities, so the users can choice the activities they like.

I have two questions please :

1/ First, how can i make the choice to be a 5 maximum ?
I guess it will be in the repeting group but i dont know where ?

2/ i would like the activities selected in the popup to be recorded in the user database.
I created a field which is a list of option set activities called “centre d’interêt hors sport”.

I tried to set the wf but it didn’t work. → save botton in the popup → make a change to thing ==> KO, it gives me all the list, not only the selection :


Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Hello @Newbie

To limit the number of entries to 5 use :items to #5

It is not clear on your second comment if you want to add various selections or only one.

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Various selection so thank you for the answer.

Do you know how i can do for the point 2/ ? to record those in the database please ?

To add a list of things on to a list field in the database you can use the action make changes to a thing which is the entry in the dB where you have a field of type list where you will add your entries onto. To do this select the list field, then use :add list

This is an example with the current user “things”

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Thank you for the exemple, that is exactly what i have done in my exemple above (with set list). However, all the list is display in the database, not only the selection…


Do you see where i am wrong please ?

Use the debugger and ensure that values are being passed to that repeating group

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You’re right, looks like there is something wrong…
But it dont get what… If you have any idea… anyway, thank for the help

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