Setting the number of items a repeating group will display


I’m using the mini grid tiles repeating group . And when the page loads it only shows 15 records of the 32 found, this takes up about half the page. No matter how long I leave it. Once I start scrolling the other results begin loading on the second half of the page.

I have tried changing the number of rows but that broke it. Can anyone advise best practice to set the number of items to load?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @oliver

Clone your page to test the following. If successful you can apply it to your authentic page.

  1. Double the height of your rg
  2. Double the number of rows set in its properties box
  3. Double the height of the rg-row-group and all internal elements
  4. Preview and if adjust anything not going well.
  5. Things should work now. :smiley:

Make sure that any groups below where moved down and no group-overlapping exists. If this happens it will affect your vertical responsiveness and you will start to see weird “inexplicable “ white spaces on your page.

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Thanks @cmarchan, gave those a try, unfortunately didn’t work, but, whist playing around with it I tried deleting the “group inner PLACEHOLDER” within the RG item, and then resized them to be smaller, and now it works perfectly! :slight_smile:

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