Setup Drop Down Bar is Not Working (Under Launch Checklist)

I bought the Premium version today along with the personal account for . Prior to purchasing them both of the applications worked perfectly and I chose to upgrade both because I wanted to use the marketing pages that Canvas provides. I can’t access them anymore or do anything with the templates given so is there any way to fix this?

Hello @piotrsirvoss !

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties.

Canvas 3.0 and above provides access to marketing pages on the free plan. There are some premium blocks for paid plans but for the most part the free functionality is pretty robust.

Could you please elaborate a little bit further to replicate the problem?

Sounds like you could submit a support ticket. If you choose to do this you can do it here:


We signed up for the $149 premium and also the professional version of bubble. I cannot access the pages, footers/ headers or anything. Once I click on them the area of the screen where the info should be is blank like it was deleted. Also when we run as admin now we get a completely new website Brandhoot.

Any ideas?

Hello @piotrsirvoss !

Thanks for providing further details. I am still missing out the picture though.

When dealing with Canvas there are two kinds of pages involved. The Bubble pages and the Canvas marketing pages. The marketing pages are essentially displayed dynamically via the Bubble index page and are managed from the Bubble admin page and the Canvas page builder.

When you say you cannot access pages do you mean that you cannot access Bubble pages from the Bubble editor?

A few screenshots along with more details about what you are experiencing might help to understand the issue better :grinning:.

Hi @piotrsirvoss ,

Closing this thread as this has been resolved via our email exchange.

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