Share Popup - Copy To Clipboard function doesn't work with dynamic text

Hey all,

I have configured the ‘Share Popup’ block in my app and noticed that I cannot copy a dynamic text input:

However, if I’m using a “manually entered” initial content value, it works just fine.

Can you verify that it’s either a bug you can fix easily or that it’s only meant to receive manually entered values here?

I would really love to use your pre-configured block for my use case.


Hello @kj.blumenstock welcome to the forum!

That is a native Bubble element. Any and all functionality about it is all Bubble.:smiley:

Hey @cmarchan, I appreciate your response — although I don’t quite understand it.

Obviously I know that the “initial content” field is a bubble element :slight_smile:

What I’m reporting on is that the copy-function written by Airdev in this popup element is not working for those dynamic initial contents, only if I’m entering a manual initial content such as ‘12345’:

I need this copy-function to work with dynamic initial contents and wanted to know if you can look into that and verify if it’s a bug and if you fix this?


Hello @kj.blumenstock

I entered the current user email dynamically and things worked out for me. It is copying to the clipboard with no problems.