Sign/Up E-Mail Verificiation Not Working

Hello, I’m trying to get the emai verification to work. I’m using SendGrid. I have verified the single sender and the domain. I have verified the API keys are setup correctly.

I’ve followed the advise in other threads and set a basic email to send and that works fine. I recieve the email and the email shows up in Sendgrid when I do an “activity” search.

When I go through the sign-up process and send the verification email, it does not show up in my email and it does not show up in Sendgrid’s “activity” search.

Seems to be specifically related to the sign/up process at this point.

Appreciate any help getting this fixed.

Thank you,


Hello @tmowreader

It is definitely related to the sign up process since Sendgrid is working.

One way to sort out the problem is to install a new app with the free Canvas template. And compare the default logic there with your current app.

Perhaps this are of the documentation may help: