Sign Up Email Verification Issue

Hi all,

I’m using the Canvas template and running into an issue with email verification. When I sign up, it goes to the email verification page but no email is sent. My sender is verified in Sendgrid, and their dashboard confirms 0 requests. I don’t receive any error (unlike the posts I was able to find regarding similar issues) and the “Send new code” button shows “success” after I click it. All my Canvas plugins are up to date, and my Sendgrid API key is in the correct place. My outgoing email is set up in the admin section as well.

I’d really appreciate any help, as I don’t even have an error code to work with!


Hello @user50

Sorting out Sendgrid bugs usually ends up with the sender email address not being verified.

Try setting up a test email by creating a workflow using the plugin send email action. This should troubleshoot Sendgrid. Once this is ascertained you can focus on sorting out the email verification logic.

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Hi Carlos,

Thanks for the tip. The plugin “send basic email” action works fine, so my Sendgrid setup seems to be ok.

I’m still getting used to sifting through the canvas setup- it looks like the email verification is ultimately done through the “verify-send” backend workflow, specifically step 3. I haven’t touched anything, but I’ve noticed that “Verifies” aren’t created when I do step one of the sign-up either.

Any ideas on how I can figure out the issue?


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Hello @user50

If you have not made any changes try setting email verification from the test admin portal first. To access it use the Canvas “runas” admin user.

More info about this on the following video (verification min 7:54)

Thanks for sharing that video. It looks like I have everything set up correctly:

(It won’t let me post more than one image as a new user, but the “Require email verification during sign up” setting is toggled on as well)

The only thing I can think of is that I initially set the email provider in the admin dashboard to Postmark, then clicked “remove email” and reset it to Sendgrid. Is it possible that some setting somewhere is still pointing to Postmark?

I went through and reset the “Enable outgoing email” again with the debugger running, and it looks like all the various parameters are set correctly. I’m running out of ideas!

Also having the issue. Tried setup with both Sendgrid and Postmark, no luck.

Hi @chris, would you have any ideas on this one?


Please try again - I tried this flow and after I verified the SendGrid account generally and verified the single sender (2 separate steps) the flow worked as expected. Make sure your browser is logged into the proper SendGrid account when taking these steps - if logged into a different SendGrid account or not logged in, it won’t work properly.

email confirmation:

single sender verification:

Testing with Postmark it works OK too, in a copy of the template created yesterday.

Best regards,

Hey Chris,

I get the email from Postmark and verify my email but no email comes through when attempting to verify my email when signing up for the app.

Hello @adamb welcome back to the forum!

Now that you have emailing working perhaps the logic of the welcome email can be studied and any bugs that are found … fixed.

The following documentation may help. I also encourage you to review the video shared above for which I am posting another link below: