Sign Up Email Verification Issue

Hello @imuath.w welcome to the forum!

We are glad to hear that you figured things out.

Clear documentation is always necessary.

Our service is a rather intricate one and we are grateful to all pointers that make continuous improvement possible.

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Hi - I am also having an issue with the verification email not being sent. Other emails such as password reset and Welcome emails are working, so the setup with SendGrid is working.

I am followed direction to get API key for Verify API but when and copy and pasted url but when I try to “Initialize call”. I get a message that reads “The specified file was not found on this website. Please check the URL for mistakes and try again.” Can some verify the URL?

I got it to work. My mistake on setting up url. I put in the wrong place. Responding here just in case someone else makes the same silly mistake.

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@cmarchan found this thread since I’m facing the same problem, but still can’t figure out how to get the email verification working.

So far I can’t initialize the send api (can’t upload more than one image for a post)

What did @MartinSeeger mean by “setting the api key and giving it the Verify plugin as token”? Apologies if this should’ve been clear, but I’ve been struggling with email verification for a few hours and still can’t figure it out.

Any help / guidance would be appreciated!