Sign Up Form is Empty

I just installed the Canvas template and my Sign Up form comes up empty. I thought this was configured by default? I see steps in the Workflow but not sure why the form fields don’t appear.

Here’s what my Sign Up screen looks like:

Hi @ann! :slight_smile: Thanks for flagging this! I haven’t seen this issue before but I can absolutely take a look at what may be causing it.

Could you please PM me a link to the app editor and temporarily set the app to public? (The app can be temporarily set to public by going to Settings → General → Application Rights: Everyone can edit, and then copying the editor URL into the private message to me).

Thank you so much!

I saw this before as well… I may have misremembered the issue by now but i think the issue was the default var tab for signup was set to 0 when it should have been 1

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Thank you, @Green! :slight_smile: Yes, this was related to a recent change we made to data privacy roles which affected some newly created Canvas apps.

If anyone is experiencing this issue as well, changing the “var - current step” hidden variable in the signup/login reusable from “0” to “1” as @Green mentioned will fix it, or making the “Signup Step” visible in the “Everyone Else” User privacy role will fix it as well:


Thanks, making the Sign Up step visible fixed the issue for me.

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