Sign up workflow triggers phone verification instead of email verification

There seems to be a bug in the sign up process if the following conditions are true:

  1. user signs up with email verification

  2. sign up process is not finished, e.g. verification code is not entered

  3. user goes back later to finish sign up

  4. user can’t sign up again with same email (which is correct) and continues with the log-in process

  5. user enters email and password

  6. instead of verifying the email address (which has not finished yet), user is asked to type in phone number → logic error in workflow

How can this be fixed, so that the user will get again a code send and can enter it to verify the email-address.


Hello @MartinSeeger

Thank you. This could be fixed as follows:

  • Create a hidden variable of type date and call it something along “var-initial sign up date last verified”

  • Apply a condition to add the current date when 2Fa is “no”


  • On the “sign the user up” action save the value of this variable to the field “:gear: Date last verified”

In short, this will ensure that a date be assigned to the above field and avoid this abandon sign-up problem that you kindly expose.