Signup email verification is not sent

On signup, the e-mail verification with the code doesn’t get sent (one e-mail went through, then it stopped however I didn’t do any changes).

What I tried:

-Installing and uninstalling Email for Canvas, Rich Postmark emails and Postmark Email. Tried having them installed all together as well as Email for Canvas with one of the Postmark, as well as separately.

-Checked that server key (API key) is added, and account token as well where required.
Tried with and without the dev option.

-Domain is approved and active on Postmark, DKIM and return-path verified. There are enough unused emails to send.

-I renamed the server on Postmark at some point - tried renaming it back to what it was when it worked - didn’t help.

-The toggle for the verification email on the Canvas dashboard is on (Email → Sends a verification code to confirm the user’s email during sign up).

-The Outgoing email is setup and confirmed in the Canvas account dashboard

-Bubble is on the paid plan that supports API (Personal plan)

-Workflow in Bubble doesn’t have any errors and shows that the email was sent (at least as I understand it does - can share screenshots or link)

-Contacted Postmark support and they confirmed that on their end everything works and told that the problem is with login or Bubble.

What else might be missing? Everything seems to be in place. Please let me know if you have any recommendations on what else to check. Thank you!

Hello @oliveox welcome to the forum!

Very elaborate explanation on troubleshooting an issue!

Setting up emailing is intricate indeed.

Have you checked if in the “app settings” entry … the “email verification required?” field is set to “yes”?

Also … please note that this has to happen on both databases … dev and live.

The “app settings” entry is a KEY piece of data in the Canvas Bubble template. Please make sure to NOT DELETE it. :smiley:

Thank you @cmarchan , but yet, Email verification was set to “Yes” as I double-checked now (assuming this is what is shown in Canvas dashboard under Settings → Outgoing e-mail).
Maybe it is a glitch on the Canvas side if that’s the only possible thing left to check?
How can I contact Canvas? It’s been almost a week I am trying to solve it.


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