Signup Email Verification not being sent

Using v3.8.1

The Sendgrid setup is already fully verified and functional - I can receive Welcome emails when email verification is OFF.

When I set email verification ON in the signup process, no verification code is sent. Checking the documentation, I’ve also done the VERIFY setup, Step 2, per [] and set the API token.

When looking at the Bubble logs, I see the latest entries as a “Verify Send” followed by a “Set a thing’s slug…”, with that last one showing as “Action condition failed” in the Messages.

Verify - Send

2/10/2022, 9:42:10 AM
(path) url:
(param.) first_name:
(param.) send_to:

(param.) type:

Set a thing’s slug…

2/10/2022, 9:42:11 AM
Action condition failed

Also of note, the Canvas documentation does not seem to align with the actual UI on the template wrt the signup process. I don’t see the email verification in the Settings/Signup. Rather, the variable appears to be controlled via the Email template page, when the email verification template is turned on.

Anyone with perhaps some ideas as to what I might have missed?

Hello @guylain welcome to the community!

Please send a screenshot or screenshots of the sign up process flow where email verification is checked. This is an intricate piece of logic and we will try to help.


I sorted this our and got it to work. It was my error but the system made it hard to hunt down.

I’m just using the the stock Canvas template process, nothing added or removed. And you’re right, it’s a long set of steps when I run them one at a time through the debugger - it would have been impractical to try and capture so many screenshots. As mentioned, turns out the error was mine - somehow, a character did not get copied when I pasted the Verify bearer token in the API plugin. At a glance, the token looked right, but it was not. I walked through the debugger step by step and couldn’t see any entries in the Verifies app data table, nor an explicit debug message that the call to the Verify API had or had not gone through. There was nothing on the Sendgrid side either.

Perhaps I missed capturing a debug step, though I don’t think so. It would be helpful to know where to look exactly for that type of API call success/failure as I was otherwise quite blind for a day trying to hunt this down. Also, the doc is not quite in sync with the actual Admin UI with respect to how to set up and turn on this email verification process - it’s not in the signup process popup but tied to the template on/off slider, per the attached screen grabs.

Anyhow, thanks for the offer to assist - I appreciate!


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(here’s the other screen since only allowed one at a time as a noob here - funny, as I also run a Discourse platform for a sailing group… :wink:

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Glad to hear that you figured it out :+1:t2: