Signup/login bugs (v3.7.3 and older)

Hey Canvas community,

Today two separate bugs were brought to our attention which affected older version of the Canvas Base Template.

  1. The checkbox for Terms of Service and Privacy Policy didn’t need to be checked in order to create a user account.

    This affects apps on versions 3.7.0 to 3.7.3, i.e. apps created between October 7 2021 and December 21 2021 (or copies of apps created on those dates).

    To fix this bug, move the condition which makes the button clickable ABOVE the conditions that make the button not clickable. Conditions are evaluated in order, so the last condition in the list is the last one that Bubble applies.



  2. Password policy enforcement logic was not working correctly. One test case to check this is to enter a password without any numbers, but enough characters, in an app where the password requires numbers. (e.g. “testabc” when it needs a 7 character or more password.)

    To fix this issue, change “var - pw uppercase is valid?” to “var - password is valid?”

Sorry about these bugs, and please reach out if you have any other bugs to report.