Signup/login circular reusable element error

Error: This is a circular reusable element…reuasable elements cannot contain themselves

Appears: signup/login

Instances: passwordcheck, usernameslugcheck

This is confusing because I’ve not edited this element and I can’t see any causes of these errors.

Any further help would be greatly appreciated.


Hello @felicity.evans !

It would seem that a reusable element “clone” is inside that same reusable.

Try to locate it first. If so, please make a save point of your app first before deleting it. This way you can always restore back your app to how it was.

Thank you so much for helping me with this. After many more hours I cannot find any clones inside the element. I have used the search function. I even created another canvas project and tried to copy and paste the pages fresh to resolve the issue.

All the elements that are causing errors are pasting an A after the element name - so it appears they are being cloned but I am unsure how or why.

The problem only seems to exist in the signup/login component and seems to have appeared after I moved to a paid bubble plan - whether the two are connected I do not know.

Can you post a screenshot please?

Hi, I ended up starting again as I think i must have deleted some vital elements and reinstating them was proving too hard.

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