Signup Page with Social Login Help!

I have successfully made modifications to the signup/login page to include the google and facebook.
This issue I am struggling with is I want a page called /signup.
When I add this element with “this element is visible on page load”
I am able to see the signup as I want. However, if I click the Log in link next to “Have an account?”
The login, comes in under Sign up and Sign up stays on the page.
The signup link under login successfully hides Login however.

My thought remove “this element is visible on page load” and set the state, but I haven’t been successful in getting that to work.

How should I handle this?

Click on the “i” of the properties block of the element and try to located the associated events and elements. Look for conditions or actions that may have to do with visibility of the specific element … or parent element/s. Deal with what you find accordingly.

More likely than not the problem lies in the visibility condition or conditions of one of the parent elements of the one you want to reveal or hide.