Signup popup not redirect to index

I need an action to work when a user is logged in. If a user is not logged in, I show a signup/login popup. After the user logs in, the popup is closed AND the page redirects to index. I can’t find any workflow that does the redirect (page, signup/login, header). When I turn on the debug mode and step through,the popup closes and there is not redirect. What is going on?

Hello @tim

You are looking in the right places.

One way to trouble shoot if the debugger does not help is to disable workflows. In this case all redirection workflows so that you can go step by step understanding what may be going on.


As for the elements that you mentioned in your post I can point you to another redirection flow that may be causing the behavior the your facing since you are dealing with a user signup context. This is the login page where there is also a workflow that redirects to the index page if some conditions are not present:

Hope this helps! :smiley: