Social login/signup

Could somebody share the appropriate workflow when I want to only enable signup and login with Twitter? It’s super overwhelming having to navigate through all the steps.

All I need is: login/signup popup (done) → button login with Twitter → display step 2 popup where I ask additional question → done.

Hello @juraj !

The video below covers some of the logic of how the steps work in the signup/login reusable which is used on the login page and on the login/signup popup.

Focus on the logic of how the default logic for the current 2 steps work. Hopefully this should enable to build even more steps if necessary.

Also, focus on how the logic works for revealing and hiding elements. If you want to change it you can do so. But, just learning how it works by default is a good first step. This should hopefully enable you to come up with your own logic to hide/reveal the social network buttons.

Hope the above helps! :smiley: