Social Login with LinkedIn doesn't save the e-mail

Social Login with LinkedIn doesn’t save the e-mail into the database, even though it is all the same for Facebook, Linkedin and gmail and emails are saved for Facebook and Gmail but not for LinkedIn (it’s just empty). Or is it different for LinkedIn signup specifically? What am I missing?
Thank you!
Below are screenshots of the workflow + LinkedIn scopes:

Checked that scopes allow saving user’s email and profile photo.

Was trying to find where in the workflow the email gets sent but wasn’t able to, however it is successfully saved for Gmail and Facebook so looks like adding "make changes to current user and following these steps: LinkedIn - Bubble Docs is not correct in this case)

It is known that LinkedIn does not provide emails even via API very easily. Did you contact them perhaps?

No, I didn’t. I thought that there might be some workaround in the workflow that is different from Facebook and Google. I will contact them then. Had no idea that they don’t provide e-mails, thank you.