[SOLVED] Is there a way to change the Header's icon workflow?

Hi, I am trying to make Canvas’ Header’s icon either not clickable or to redirect it to a page other than index.

I think I need to edit the header_click id from JavascripttoBubble, but the Canvas dashboard doesn’t allow to edit that id.

Alternatively, anyone knows how to achieve this or how to get rid of the logo altogether?

This is kind of inconvenient if you landing page is hosted somewhere else ! :slight_smile:


Hello @hector

The best option would be to edit the HTML directly in order to change the header logo’s link:

Wouldn’t you lose the logo but replacing this text to what you suggest?

Actually I see. You are removing the link. That would work for me since I have a home button on the menu.

Any suggestion on how just to change the index.html to home.html? That would then keep everything intact.



I believe index is a Bubble functionality.

No I mean the link on the Logo Link on the Canvas Admin panel refers to the index.html page. I just want to refer it to the home.html page which is my page that replaces the index.html page (which is a canvas marketing page).

If I change it to a URL (a workaround) it opens that URL in a new tab, which also isn’t good. I’ve been searching in the tables for this verbiage since I’ve been pretty successful in changing verbiage in other parts of the app that didn’t suit me. Since Canvas is all data driven you can find a lot of stuff in the tables that can be changed.