Standard Data Table - how to change data source

Hello there.
Apologies, newbie with Canvas and Bubble.

In my app I’ve created a couple of new data sources, one of them is as follows:

Data Type:

Employee Name
Employee Email Address
Employee - Target Hours Per Month

I would like to use the Canvas Standard Data Table block to display this data on a Canvas app page.

In looking at the Standard Data Table help page (Standard Data Table - Canvas Pages and Modules) it says:

" Go to the page where you have added the block and update RepeatingGroup Dummy’s data source"

This is where I am stuck. I want the Standard Data Table to pull data from my Employee data source and display all of its information in this repeating group table.

But I don’t know what to change.

One thing that really trips me up is all of the mentions of the Parent Group. I can’t figure out if I need to change the data source of the Parent Group?

What I’m trying to do seems pretty simple but I haven’t been able to find the correct page of video to figure it out.

Thanks very much.

Hello @mark welcome tom the forum!

This video covers data tables in Canvas but given that you are on the early stages of your journey it may be a bit hard to understand:

This other video covers parent groups in Bubble and how to use and understand them:

Hope the above helps! :smiley: