Standard Multi-Step Process Page - Skip a group when a radio button was pressed


I have a multi-step page with 6 collapsible groups.

In one of them I have 3 radio buttons.

The 5th collapsible group has 2 sub-collapsible groups inside.

I managed to change the visibility of the 2 sub-collapsible groups based on the selected radio button.

My problem is that when I select the 3rd radio button, the form should skip the 5th group.

I have tried to edit the existing workflows to skip the 5th group when the 3rd radio button was selected, but I had no success and I feel like I am going crazy.

Can somebody suggest a solution for my problem?

Hello @eduard

What exact action happens after a radio button is selected? … Or in other words how does a collapsible group or subgroup become visible or not?

Also, it seems that you are already in group 5 when you want to skip it. However method the 2 subgroups follow to become visible or not, if the entire group 5 follows it, it seems it would be inconsistent with how groups of group 5 level become visible or hidden. Perhaps you could try moving the radio buttons outside of group 5.

Hi @cmarchan

The user selects one of the radio buttons and then clicks a Next Button.

The radio buttons are in group 4.

From what I saw the collapsible groups become visible based on a var - current step.

The next button changes the current step and the groups hide accordingly.

I edited all the workflows to hide group 5 when the 3rd radio button is pressed, but I had no success.

Hello @eduard

Ok thanks! So, the major groups are following the Canvas navigation method of using the active (current) step number.

Seems that you should involve this “var - current step” in the logic you added for things to work the way you want them.