Standard Portal - All in the same page?


I’m new in Bubble and also in Canvas. I had a look to almost all the videos of the Bootcamp and I started to use Canvas. I’d like to use the Standard Portal / Dashboard page but this is working with url parameters.

Does this means that all the pages of my menu has to be in the same page ? This is going to be complicated to maintan like 10 “page groups” in the same page, no ? What is the best practice to use it ?

If I create more pages, how can I do to get the same menu on the left on all my pages ? I suppose I have to make it has a reusable element ?

Thanks for the help.


Hello @sgrasset welcome to the forum!

The following video walks you through the logic for the account page (in the video is called the home page). Please focus on the navigation concepts using url parameters and how content groups are vertically stacked to achieve the functionality that a portal page provides (managing content/data/etc).

Once you are done with it, perhaps you should explore how reusable elements work. This is related to your question about how to get an element to be designed once and used in different pages.

Here, another video with a good dive into how reusable elements work: