Standard Portal / Dashboard page very slow - Any workarounds?

My Standard Portal / Dashboard page takes nearly 10 seconds running behind-the-scenes workflows before I can actually click anything on the page. In other words, if I load the page and click on Tab2, it takes 10 seconds before the information in the Tab2Group will appear - And if I click Tab3 next, it takes another 10 seconds. :frowning:

Is there some way to speed this up? From Google analytics/DB analysis, I’m noticing that 15% my apps users regularly stop using the app at this point so I really need to find a work around.

I tested an empty Standard Portal / Dashboard page and it’s the exact same 10 seconds before I can do anything…

Hello @user5 !

Perhaps there is logic taking place on a common element to pages that may be causing this. Check you header and footer components for actions that may be redundant. However, please be mindful that much logic exists in the header element that is needed for other aspects of default functionality under the Canvas framework. So, in order to remove logic, should you choose to do so, you should be very familiar with what would be affected by doing so.

I suggest you contact support for them to take a peek at the application first.

If nothing is found that is not part of the default Canvas framework, you may then opt to familiarize yourself further with the different aspects of what is going on. And then decide if you want to keep some logic or not, and if it exists, that may not be needed by your application.

Also, your application may be experiencing other aspects that are not Canvas related like a database model that could be optimized for better performance. Below, you can find a few posts in the Bubble forum that provide recommendations to improve performance in applications: