Stripe Create Subscriptions

I am creating a marketplace app where users can list services for sale as a subscription.

For example: User can create weekly cleaning plan charged monthly

Buyers can purchase this service and they will be charged monthly on a recurring basis.

I need help setting this up. Does anyone have any experience or could point me in the right direction?

I have the stripe marketplace plugin and have functionality where users can setup their connect account.

Would they have to individually create plans on their stripe account or can I set up a workflow to do it on bubble?

Hello @user57

Great project!

Perhaps these videos could help:

This other one is not a straight forward implementation between Bubble and Stripe. It is an interesting service however that you could consider as a way to sort payments fast on launch. You can directly integrate to Stripe later on:

Hi @cmarchan Thanks for sharing these resources.

All of these videos involves the user to manually create a subscription plan on stripe.
Anyway to create them in-app via an api or input fom?

Hi @user57

I believe the Stripe api allows you to create subscription objects. So, using the Bubble api connector you should be able to do anything and everything that the Stripe api allows.

I usually build apps with manually creating the subscription objects in Stripe as there are usually just a few (3-tier example … basic, premium, professional).

Thanks! I am not super familiar with the api connector so I was avoiding to use it. But I guess now is a good time to give it a shot.

I am having a separate issue trying to subscribe a user to a plan:

I have a workflow to sign a user up to a subscription plan.

I am using the subscribe the user to a plan action provided by the stripe plugin.

I am trying to dynamically specify a plan (pulling plan-id from database). However it is showing me an error when I try to do so.


Have you encountered this problem before? Any suggestions?

Hello @user57

These are tutorials from reputable Bubblers:

The issue I see here is that AirDev has a native user login but isn’t connected to a payment gateway.

Seems as if I just have to ignore AirDevs?

Canvas provides a Bubble-programmed user login/signup. You can either modify it or disregard it as needed.

I would suggest to modify to your needs :smiley: