Stripe documentation issues

The doc for the payment popup says “find Stripe (for Canvas templates)” plugin, but I think it is actually the “Stripe Credit Card Form Popup” plugin.

Also, the documentation says " Add your Live and Development Secret keys to the Authorization (shared headers) and Authorization (shared headers) - dev. Inputs." but in the plugin I believe they are labeled “Add payment source - Authorization (header)”:

Hello @drfalken !

I can see how this can get confusing.

I believe that the documentation refers to installing the Stripe plugin by Bubble as it can be seen on the top part of the doc

No, that is already delineated - I think the names just need to change in the docs to reflect what is in the Canvas plugin:

Hello @drfalken

Thank you for pointing this out. I will make sure to pass this on to our Canvas team so that they can review your kind suggestions.

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