Switch from SendGrid to Postmark not working

I have Sendgrid as my main provider for email transactions. I decide to switch to Postmark, but the server is still sending the emails from my SendGrind and not from Postmark. I removed the SendGrid API key and it is still not working from Postmark… maybe the admin system is not switching over to the Postmark API?

Hello @user15 !

Perhaps this part of the Canvas manual may help. It has instructions about setting up both Sendgrid and Postmark:

I set it up as sendgrid, and it worked. I set it up as Postmark… it doesn’t work. I don’t think that the system is updating the settings on the backed of Admin or something. The API tokens are correct for postmark and have worked on a test server.

This is a little frustrating. In some other posts this doesn’t seem resolved … I have followed all the steps and when I “send verification” email from the admin backend… it sets up an email on postmark on the backend… but when I want to send an email from a new user signing up… it doesn’t do it.

Hello @user15

Have you been able to attribute the problem to specifically being about the email sending action and not any other complementary part of the logic?

I figured it out… it was not updated on the documentation. The issue was on airdev logic side of things. I referenced a different post that mentioned to update some things manually…

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Having the same issue, can you advise on what you updated?

Hi @adam2

Check out the documentation and try the migrating part

I see on my backend that I made the adjustments from the directions of “App search tool”. Just make sure that you click on it and make a change to the top line that says send grid to say Postmark. Its like the first line.

Do that for all of the placements that it pops up in the search tool after you search for Action Type, Send Basic email.

After that - follow the next step as well for the “Get all verified” part.

Follow up after and see if that works. I haven’t done this in about 4 months, but I can still check on my blackened if I did other stuff too if this doesn’t work for you.