Switch from SendGrid to Postmark not working

I have Sendgrid as my main provider for email transactions. I decide to switch to Postmark, but the server is still sending the emails from my SendGrind and not from Postmark. I removed the SendGrid API key and it is still not working from Postmark… maybe the admin system is not switching over to the Postmark API?

Hello @user15 !

Perhaps this part of the Canvas manual may help. It has instructions about setting up both Sendgrid and Postmark:

I set it up as sendgrid, and it worked. I set it up as Postmark… it doesn’t work. I don’t think that the system is updating the settings on the backed of Admin or something. The API tokens are correct for postmark and have worked on a test server.

This is a little frustrating. In some other posts this doesn’t seem resolved … I have followed all the steps and when I “send verification” email from the admin backend… it sets up an email on postmark on the backend… but when I want to send an email from a new user signing up… it doesn’t do it.

Hello @user15

Have you been able to attribute the problem to specifically being about the email sending action and not any other complementary part of the logic?

I figured it out… it was not updated on the documentation. The issue was on airdev logic side of things. I referenced a different post that mentioned to update some things manually…

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