Tags displayed in repeating group

Bootcamp module:
Week 1 Bubble Basics (search filters unit)
Content question:

I am a bit confused here. How do the tag get displayed in the repeating group? What is the element added and the workflow for the tags to be displayed? when i try to do it it shows as follows:-

Thanks for answering this question in advance

Hello @yasinhalim welcome to the community and thanks for participating in the bootcamp!

It is a little elaborate to explain but the following video does an excellent job of presenting the concept of how lists are handled in Bubble

It should provide you with enough cues to sort out your question. If after you watch it you still have more questions, you can perhaps make them more granular and we can complement the missing gaps here! :smiley:

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@cmarchan is showing a great resource here. The short version is that the element being used is a multiselect dropdown, but with the input disabled. Then you’d make the initial content whatever is relevant for the post. This way it will appear in this relatively nice looking format!

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