Templates & Bootcamp Update to Base Template v 3.6

We were thinking on buying one of your App templates but after checking them I realised that all of them are using a Canvas Base template from 2018 or 2019.

We are pretty sure that all of these template work, but we are not willing to buy a template that does not have the latest features from Canvas Base template v 3.6. In fact, they should be free if you ask me.

Same happens with the Bootcamp no explaining the latest updates/additions as per version v 3.6

Will you update anything? If so, how long it will take?

Hello @mg1

Updates to templates to the latest 2021 features are not yet in the pipeline.

Templates are fully functional though. They just do not have the newest Canvas features.

Thanks, I thougth so. This is a personal choice, but I rather take advantage of the latest version improvements. I like them :slight_smile:
Another thing, I probably already know the answer judging by your previous reply BUT: If I develop an app in an old version and then a new version is released, will my app be automatically updated to the newest version or do I need to copy my app to the newset version manually?

Hello @mg1 !

New Canvas functionality does not carry from a prior one to a current one. It is not the way it works.

When you install a version that is the one used by your Bubble app.

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